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DiCicco Research offers full-service, cutting-edge qualitative and quantitative market research services. Our flexible approach melds seasoned understanding of market dynamics with the fluidity of modern methodological techniques to qualitative interviewing and online quantitative surveys. DiCicco Research focuses on healthcare-related market research.


What it's like to work with us

DiCicco Research is a strong believer in the value of developing a partnership between clients and consultants. Through kick-off meetings, debriefings, and interim research findings, we keep all stakeholders engaged in the research, such that key business questions are fully defined, developed, and actuated. DiCicco Research provides quick turnaround deliverables with a focus on actionable insights, such that findings are provided in a clear and timely manner.


Our Clients Say It Best

You have been doing a fantastic job moderating these sessions!! Our client also commented on how good you are as well!!! I love working with you because you always do such a thorough job and are so engaging with healthcare practitioners. Thanks again for all the great work you continue to do for us!!!”
I want to sincerely thank you for being absolutely great at what you do… if not truly spectacular. No joke, spectacular. I have been counting my blessings that I have you on board working on our projects. Thanks again for all of your great work.”
Just read through the report—awesome job! Clear, concise, and spot-on with what we observed. Our senior leadership team was amazed with the turn-around and depth/clarity of the insights—I think the term [Senior Exec] used was ‘wow.’”
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David DiCicco, MA

David is a highly sought after, seasoned consultant in the healthcare industry. 12+ years moderating and consulting experience on various topics with big to small pharmaceutical companies, advertising agencies, and other players in the field. David is noted for his conversational interviewing style, which allows for fluid and real-world discussions, such that respondents let down their guard to reveal deeper-held beliefs, opinions, and motivators behind behaviors. Especially skilled using projective techniques, David has moderated thousands of interviews with patients, caregivers, physicians, nurses and physicians’ assistants, pharmacists, managed-care company directors, KoLs, and others. David has led numerous quantitative projects, and is noted for his expert understanding of market challenges and the optimal means of uncovering insights as to effect positive change.

David graduated with Honors in History from Bucknell University, and holds a Master’s from the University of Pennsylvania.



Stéphanie Perrais, PhD

Stéphanie is a partner at DiCicco Research and manages logistics and accounting. Prior to DiCicco Research, Stéphanie was an Assessment Specialist at Educational Testing Services in Princeton, NJ and taught French language and literature at the University of Pennsylvania, Bucknell University, and the Pennsylvania State University.

Stéphanie holds her doctorate in French and Francophone Studies from the Pennsylvania State University.



DiCicco Research has cultivated a cadre of seasoned moderators, project managers, and survey programmers to assist with additional services as needed. DiCicco Research works hand in hand with Schlesinger’s Associates, M3, and Focus Pointe Global as well as other recruiting agencies to ensure targeted and timely fieldwork.


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